Stafidenios Packaging design

What I believe to be one of the most invaluable elements to Matadog’ s work is their clear view on how creativity and packaging principles can serve our marketing philosophy.

  Nickos Salavrakos, Brand Manager, Stafidenios


Stafidenios® is a raisins product packed for kids. It is made in Greece and the packaging dimensions specifications are that the product could fit into a kid’s cupped hand.
The assignment Matadog Design was tasked with by the Executive director of Enios was to build Stafidenios® brand from scratch.
The main challenge was to design the Brand and to develop trail-blazing packaging for the product. 

This packaging design was issued a patent by the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office.  

Matadog design took on this big challenge and set out to do a lot of work and research to pull off this challenging project since the kids’ raisins category is nonexistent in Greece.

The design process took almost 6 months.

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