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Stafidenios Packaging design

What I believe to be one of the most invaluable elements to Matadog’ s work is their clear view on how creativity and packaging principles can serve our marketing philosophy.

  Nickos Salavrakos, Brand Manager, Stafidenios


Stafidenios® is a raisins product packed for kids. It is made in Greece and the packaging dimensions specifications are that the product could fit into a kid’s cupped hand.
The assignment Matadog Design was tasked with by the Executive director of Enios was to build Stafidenios® brand from scratch.
The main challenge was to design the Brand and to develop trail-blazing packaging for the product. 

This packaging design was issued a patent by the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office.  

Matadog design took on this big challenge and set out to do a lot of work and research to pull off this challenging project since the kids’ raisins category is nonexistent in Greece.

The design process took almost 6 months.

Project Overview

  • Design Stafidenios® brand, brand manual etc.
  • Investigate and identify the packaging for Stafidenios®
  • A gift inside the package would be a real lure for parents and kids
  • The packaging should be small enough to easily fit into the palm of a kid’s hand
  • Low production cost

The Objective

The production cost should include a gift inside (a sticker etc).  Designing a brand and packaging that consumers would love to buy immediately and if possible to keep after use.

Key Issues

  • Achieve the desired production cost goal
  • Create something unique and dinstinctive in the world market
  • Design a new unique packaging structure
  • Design a character that kids would love
  • Find a way to include a toy or something of the sort inside the packaging
  • Small size packaging
  • Materials limitations due to low budget


We benchmarked all competitors’ packaging to achieve dinstinctiveness and researched the conventional consumption chain for opportunities.

During the research phase we collected all competitive products in the world market for study. We soon realised that all of them shared the same motif of packaging artwork.

While trying to work out what we could offer as a gift to lure prospective consumers, bearing in mind the tight production budget, we identified an opportunity in the consumption chain and availed ourselves of it by extending the packaging usage in an innovative way. We reused the packaging paper in a way that kids could make a paper toy out of it on the other side of the box

So, besides the building process of the brand, we had to explore how paper toys were made and identify the pros and cons of the construction process which was a problem solving procedure.  Ergo, it was a really multifaceted process.

The packaging had to play a multiple role:

  • Inform about how healthy raisins are
  • Be specially designed for kids
  • Ensure that the free toy can be used over and over again
  • Have a surprise factor reeling in more repeat purchases from consumers
  • Have the intrinsic quality to be easily assembled, preferably on the go
  • Ensure a child-friendly construction
  • Create a healthy habit for kids

While exploring how paper toys are made, we soon realized a few drawbacks to the construction process that would make the raisins packaging less appealing to the consumer.
So, we had to find a way to eliminate the cons of toy construction in order to wipe out drawbacks and enrich customer experience so that customers would make a repeat purchase.

Traditional paper toy technique

a sample paper toy creation technique (video by tommyclancygames)


  • Paper toy creations require some tools in order to be constructed: blade, scissors, tape and glue
  • Some parts of paper structures are very sensitive and can be easily damaged when kids play with them
  • There is also the need of a computer and printer in order to get the printing page
  • The classic way uses dotted lines to seperate planes
  • Time consuming

Concepts from idea sketch to visualisation. Brand Identity Design, Character design, Packaging/Structural design


Brand Identity Design

We designed the brand identity of Stafidenios®. A custom type was designed for the Logotype and was color divided into “Stafid” which means raisin in Greek and “enios” which is the name of the company. The style of the logo is playful. The color division of “Stafid” was made on purpose so that the consumer would instantly, in less than a few seconds’ time, recognize the content of the box.







A custom font family was designed to afford distinctiveness and readability of the small box.

MTDG Antonia Regular
– Customised  Stafidenios brand font



Character Design

The visual character of “Stafidenios” had to be sweet and relaxing. After many sketches and a lot of research on a small focus group of parents and kids, we selected the final character that would be used. A casual style was selected for Stafidenios




Packaging Design / Structural Design

We did extensive research on paper toy techniques and styles as was mentioned above. We evaluated the pros and cons of each technique and we had to find the most appropriate way to adapt the paper toy technique.

The major disadvantage to paper toy techniques was that the user would have to use a blade cutter and glue. That was a big disadvantage if we wanted to go the conventional way. Not all families have free time, blade cutters, glue and the paraphernalia at home or while moving around. In the absence of these. the toy contruction would be infeasible. On top of that, it would be such a bind for parents to have their kids pestering them to construct the paper toy as that would mean a waste of considerable time and effort.

So, we embarked on playing around with ideas during the ideation phase, with a view to finding an alternative way that would do away with the conventional cutter and glue. Another key element we aspired our packaging to have was paper toys with a real 3D look coupled with maximum compactness, durabilty and easy assembly.

The final design solution was a result of ample brainstorming and several idea generation methods. After countless sketches and prototypes, we came up with the final working solution.

Quick and dirty prototypes (countless) were made to evaluate if it could be manufactured with the available materials given the budget restrictions before proceeding to the next developmental phase. All the weaknesses of the packaging construction showed up following the alpha prototype creation. We experimented with many solutions before arriving at the optimal solution which was unusual in some cases but functional. The suprise factor requirement was achieved by creating a different paper toy on each box.


Development of the chosen design concept in detail, matching the production requirements and visualisatons.


We identified 10 different paper toys that could be constructed so that each pack would have a different toy and then we proceeded to the structural design.
During this phase, we encountered a lot of technical limitations that had to be considered and overcome, ranging from paper, artwork, to die cutting limitations because of the box size.

How we adapted paper toy technique for packaging use


Sustainable packaging design
Photo: Packaging Disposal

We then had to design the artwork of the paper toys based on each structural and an instruction leaflet for each toy. There was a lot of artwork involved in this packaging. We had 10 different heroes/paper toys to design. Stafidenios, Stafidenia, Cat, Dog, Panda, Parrot, Penguin, Turtle, Monkey and Kangaroo had to be designed. We wanted a classic character look avoiding extreme character graphics because of the target group we were zeroing in on. Nutrition facts, net weight, ingredients etc. were researched and prepared for the next phase.


Implementing and fine-tuning the design. Prototypes for final launch approval used.

Nutrition facts, net weight, ingredients etc. were

Artwork, production support & quality control. Design Patent Application

During this phase we had to prepare the print files for production.
An instructions leaflet was designed for every paper toy design to help consumers construct it.

We were present throughout the production phases to ensure that quality would meet design standards.

Our packaging design was issued a patent by the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office.


Launch, evaluation and documentation



The challenge in creating a brand like Stafidenios® was quite exciting. There were a lot of production challenges we had to contend with while building the brand from scratch. We were very impressed with our client’s decision to proceed with this unusual and unique packaging solution. We are very proud of the result.

  Andreas Kioroglou, Founder & Creative Director


Inspired work in both designing and packaging. The 3D toy paper is a great hit, so our product’s commercial orientation can now be carried incomparably easier.

  Nickos Salavrakos, Brand Manager Summary


What Creativity Internatinal award Judges say about Stafidenios, the Platinum & Best in Food and Beverage category winner




ScanPack 2013 Packaging Innovation Showcase
Our work for Stafidenios was showcased in ScanPack 2012 in Gothenburg / ScanPack 2012

Packaging Innovation Showcase is a unique and new contribution to the event where selected companies show off their best work in the following categories; Technical Innovation, Printing Achievement, Environmental & Sustainability Achievement, Universal design and functionality and Packaging Design



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