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V-Collection “Gems of Design”

“Gems of Design” is part of the V-Collections packaging we designed for V-Cube. Each cube will have famous buildings around the globe, one on each side of the cube. 

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About “V-Collections” 
“V-Collections” includes 75 different designs and more than 100 products in seven categories. All designs revolve around V-Cube innovative approach to printing directly on the cube’s surface.
Fun and challenging designs, unique landscapes, a world of wild life and nature, art and architectural masterpieces, antiquities and travel souvenirs are all included in the initial V-Collections!
Using both the “pillow” and flat V-Cube’s surface as a canvas, V-Cube create border-less, fresh and exciting cubes that fascinate a world of fans!

You can learn more about V-Cube Collections here: www.v-cubes.com


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