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V-Cube Series Packaging


V-CUBE™ products are manufactured under V-CUBE™ technology, invented and patented worldwide by the Greek Engineer Panagiotis VERDES.  V-CUBE™ technology made possible the construction of a cube with an unlimited number of layers, providing safe and smooth rotation!

At the same time, V-CUBE™ technology has resulted in the design, construction & industrial production of much more durable and user-friendly cubes of existing sizes. Furthermore,  existing knowhow & patent ownership allows the construction of more  complex designs, such as the Patented V-CUBE™9 and the V-CUBE™11.

The Executive director of Verdes Innovations gave Matadog Design the task to develop the new packaging for the 5,6,7 layer V-Cube products.

The main design challenge was to create a new packaging design that would give the product high perceived value while being unique.

That was a very interesting project. We had to design a new packaging structure and V-cube brand architecture as well.
V-Cubes had packaging but there were many problems during shipment.Actually, there were times when the product was destroyed while at other times the product was easily opened at the store and got scrunched up. The task was not easy. It was clear that the packaging had to be sealed and withstand outside force so that the product would not be destroyed in transit. The products were quite heavy, especially V-cube7, so  everything had to be very carefully planned and executed.

  Andreas Kioroglou, Founder and Creative Director

The design process took almost 4 months. Countless quick and dirty packaging prototypes were made, and due to product exporting all over the world , we had to make several adjustments to the packaging design before the final approval for production to make sure that the product would arrive safe and in the best shape.

This packaging design was issued a patent by the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office.  


Project Overview

  • Investigate and identify the packaging for the upcoming V-Cubes
  • The packaging must give high perceived quality
  • The 21st century cube
  • V-Cube target group should love the new design

What V-Cube is?

(video by Dionyssis Bouloutzas)
Their construction offers a twofold revolutionary approach to the specific game family and made the cubes of more than 5 layers “a reality”, something that believed to be unattainable for over 20 years!

The Objective

The packaging should give a high perceived value. The materials used were limited due to budget limitations. Designing attractive, durable and reusable packaging that consumers would love to buy right and then.

Key Issues

  • Achieving the desired production cost goal
  • Uniqueness and dinstinctiveness
  • Designing a new unique packaging structure
  • Easy storage on the shelf
  • Material limitations due to low budget
  • Very tight deadline

We benchmarked all competitors packaging in order to be dinstinctive.
Competition                                                                          V-Cube Series packaging


During the research phase, we collected all competitive cubes packaging in the market for study and afterwards we took the strategic decision to design packaging for the cube that had to be 100% visible to the consumer since the cube was a really beautiful product. Competitors use mostly blister packaging or the classic hexagonal one.


Concepts from idea sketching to visualisation.

The final packaging design was a result of brainstorming and other idea generation methods. After countless sketches, the final concept was approved for further development.
Quick and dirty packaging prototypes were made to evaluate if it could be manufactured with the available packaging materials before proceeding to the next development phase. All the weaknesses of the packaging construction were revealed following the alpha prototype creation. We played around with many solutions before coming to the optimal one which was unusual but functional, fusing two completely different materials.


packaging structurals (optimal solution exploration)                                                                                                            


structural design exploration, triangle logic explanation approved packaging


Developing the chosen packaging design concept in detail, adaptation to production requirements and visualisatons.


Artwork Inspiration


(video by Dionyssis Bouloutzas)

How we came up with the final packaging artwork
We played around with the cubes, watched many videos with speed cubers from V-Cube events around the world.


  • The key function of this product is ROTATION.
  • We extend this function to find the creative element that characterize V-Cube products. RINGS.That is the most appropriate creative element and was selected the key element for packaging artwork.
  • “The 21st Century Cube” lead us to a futuristic direction. We found inspiration from space and especially planet SATURN. The key packaging artwork was inspired by Saturn’s rings.


We then selected the packaging color palette for each product from V-Cube product line and did a little logo refresh.

On the other side, we further researched the functionality and secondary packaging of the choosen packaging design.


                Corrugated 8,4 and 2 secondary packaging                                                                              on the shelf  (tiling feature)


Implementing and fine-tuning the design. Prototypes for final launch approval used.




Packaging artwork, production support & quality control. Design Patent Application.

We finalized the packaging artwork and the production was supervised on all stages. A packaging design patent was filled in the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union.


Launch, evaluation and documentation



Creative Director Summary


It was a very intersting journey with many obstacles on the way. There were times in the exploration phase where the production of the packaging structural was impossible in Greece. There were a lot of production and deadline challenges. We were very impressed with our client decision to proceed with this unusual and unique packaging solution.

  Andreas Kioroglou, Founder & Creative Director



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